Jar for Savings.

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money

When we are creating ways to save money, not all methods are made the same. Some methods take time and effort, while others offer quick results with little investment on your part. If you’re looking to save money as quickly as possible, here are 10 simple ways you can save money without too much effort. You might be surprised by how much you can save just by doing these things one or two times!

Jar for Savings.

1) Save on Groceries
Saving money on groceries is easy with apps like Ibotta, where you can save money by taking pictures of your receipts. If you happen to take advantage of food deals at local supermarkets, stock up during sales. Generally speaking, it’s not wise to buy produce that’s going bad before its expiration date—unless you have a plan for it! For example, celery lasts three weeks in a plastic bag or container in your fridge.

To save money on groceries overall, consider bulk shopping at a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club. The savings on big-ticket items can more than makeup for membership fees! Also, be sure to check brands, there are items that have the same ingredients, quantity that the big Brand has but the big difference is the price. As a word of advice doesn`t go shopping with your stomach empty.

2) Save on Utility Bills
Your utility bills can fluctuate drastically over time, depending on how cold it gets in your area. If you want to save money on utilities, turn down your thermostat by 5-8 degrees and wear a sweater around your house in winter. You’ll find that even after an hour or two of adjustments, you’ll be acclimated enough to warmer temperatures so as not to feel uncomfortable.

Make sure you also unplug chargers when they aren’t in use as they can really drain energy from gadgets that don’t need power 24/7 (like smartphones). Also, think about ditching those paper towels for washable rags; doing so could save you $100+ per year! In the summer, you can put shades on the windows to block the heat coming from the house this way you dont have to be using too much air conditioner. Also painting the walls and ceiling with white or pastel colors could brighten the house more and you dont have to turn on the lights that much during the day.

3) Save on Transportation
If you’re looking for a fast way to save money, first consider your commute. The cost of owning a car can add up, especially if you’re paying interest on an auto loan. You can easily eliminate some of these costs by walking or biking for part or all of your daily commute. If walking isn’t possible—your work hours may not allow it, for example—consider taking public transportation part of your way to work.

Not only will you save money on gas, but you might also avoid traffic jams or crowded roads—which means more time for relaxing at home once you arrive at work! It’s worth keeping in mind that most people spend more time getting ready in the morning than working out throughout their day.

You also can carpool with maybe a coworker or somebody at is also going to work, that way there only using one car. Making sure that your car is tuneup can save you fuel money, getting its regular oil and filter change when it mandates can help save gas and therefore money.

4) Save on Home improvements
Change out that light bulb with an Energy Star one. Switching your old light bulbs to Energy Star-certified bulbs is an affordable way to save you money, lower your carbon footprint, and extend your bulb’s lifespan. Saving on water: No matter how much it costs to run your home, you can always save more by running less. Try taking shorter showers or installing low-flow showerheads or faucet aerators.

You can also consider purchasing a rain barrel so you don’t have to use tap water for yard maintenance. Another option is investing in an above-ground pool instead of a costly in-ground one—you’ll save on installation costs as well as maintenance fees later on down the road.

Maybe you need to build a deck or a fence, you can ask for a discount on the home improvement store or Hardware store you buy from, with such a volume of material these big stores would gladly consider giving you a discount.

5) Save on Gifts
Not only are there tons of ways to save money on gifts during holidays, but you can also begin practicing some of these strategies year-round. A lot of people are intimidated by gift-giving because they worry about not having enough cash on hand for a large purchase. But you can easily avoid it by doing something as simple as planning ahead.

If you see something you know someone would like, put it in your shopping cart or wish list so that when it’s time for gifting season, you’ll already have it on hand. Make sure someone else is buying your gift, too—friends will often go out of their way to buy something pricey if they know they’re expected to spend the money anyway.

You can open a savings account for this only purpose, there are Banks or Credit Unions that have what they call Savings Club or Christmas Club accounts with the sole purpose of people can save for special events. Never use your regular savings account emergency funds for this.

7) Save on Restaurants
Eat at home more. It’s hard to stop at one serving when restaurant portions are so huge. Pack a healthy lunch. Eating out can cost hundreds of dollars each month, so try saving money by packing your own food. Make your own coffee instead of buying it from a coffee shop.

You can buy ground coffee beans in bulk for much less than you’d pay at a cafe or even convenience store, plus you get fresh-brewed cups instead of store-bought bottles that have been sitting on shelves for weeks. Youre taking your family for a dinner night, make sure you take advantage of specials that they may have, share entries, dont make it a regular thing eating out, it will take a big chunk of your budget.

6) How to use Coupons to save
Using coupons is one of the most easy ways to save money. If you know where to look, it’s not difficult at all; you can literally save hundreds of dollars a year by taking an hour or two every month or so to search for coupons online. Use coupon-finding apps like Groupon Coupons, Shopular, Snap by Groupon (Android only), and RetailMeNot or comparison sites like FatWallet and BeFrugal. You can also find coupon codes at your favorite retailers’ websites, magazines that focus on saving money (like All You), grocery stores, manufacturer websites, etc.

8) Keep Track of Receipts and Expenses
The best way to save money is to watch where it goes, and keeping a record of your purchases and cash outflows will help you spot easy ways to cut back. When you pay with cash or use a credit card, keep track of each expense as it happens. If using a credit card, you can input expenses as they occur into an app like Mint (for iOS) or Acorns (for Android), both of which will track everything for you in one place for free. These services make it easy because they connect directly with your bank accounts; other services like You Need A Budget takes more work since they don’t have automatic integrations.

9) Take Advantage of Free Entertainment
Whether you’re planning on seeing a band in concert or catching a movie with friends, it’s always possible to find free entertainment. Restaurants will often host live music for guests (and sometimes even non-paying customers), while some cities offer events like outdoor film screenings or pay-what-you-can performances. There are also many charities that provide low-cost entertainment for families; see if there are any in your area! Even if you can’t make something free, it’s likely you can get tickets at an affordable price.

10) Cancel Memberships and Subscriptions You Dont Use. You can save a lot of money by canceling memberships or subscriptions you don’t use. Call up customer service, tell them your problem, and ask for a refund. If youre not sure how much money is really going down the drain, check out our Best Subscription Cancellation Services review where we compare all of them against each other. You may be surprised at how much you’re missing out on! Try Truebill, its an App that automatically cancels subscriptions that are charging you monthly but just dont use anymore. This could save you quite a lot of money.

We’ve covered ten of our favorite ways to save money. What are some of your favorites? Share with us in a comment below! We’d love to hear them.

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