How to fill out a Check

How to Write a Check Correctly

“How I’m supposed to fill out this paper”…Was one of my buddies asking me how to write out a check, yes in this time and age, there are people that do not know how to deal with kind of issue, I know, it sounds strange but not impossible. Now in days barely anybody deals with checks, it is all credit cards, ATM cards, we got all kinds of different ways of making a transaction, it could an APP on your smartphone or Online Banking, that is why in part I was not surprised by my friend when he asked me.

To write a check correctly, you’ll need to fill in each of the following sections of the check: pay to the order of, amount, signature line, the bank name and address, date, and transaction ID. It may sound like a lot, but once you understand what goes where it’s easy to follow the format for writing checks as recommended by the American Bankers Association (ABA). In this article, we’ll cover how to fill out each section of the check correctly.

Parts of a Check
There are two main parts of a check—the payee and the amount. The payee is whoever you are writing it to, whether that’s your friend or your landlord. The amount is how much money you are sending—this can be anything from $1 to thousands of dollars. You might also see boxes labeled memos at the bottom of your check; these are for adding special instructions about where you want to send money or how many checks you would like back if there is more than one transaction on one check. If there is only one transaction, simply enter 1 in that box.

When writing out a check, there are seven parts you should never forget. These include 1) Your name and your personal information which should be already printed on the check 2) The name to whom this check will be issued to 3) The amount of money in numerical written in the small box that has the dollar sign 4) Under the name to whom the check is for, you write the amount again but this time in letters 5) Down, at the left side of the check, your write the purpose for which you are writing this check, it could be a number as a reference. 6)Down, on the right side of the check, that is where you put your signature. 7) And at the top right is where you write down the date. If you wish to explore more information on how to write a bank check correctly, please contact your financial institution directly for further assistance with account-specific details.

Structure of a Bank Check

Verify your Check
After you finish writing your check, you should then verify both your signature and the amount on your check. For most checks, all that’s required for verification is that you compare what was written with what appears on your statement. Sometimes, however, more information is needed; if there are over three digits in the dollar amount or more than four digits in an account number (like an ATM or credit card number), additional information may be required for proper validation of your check.

The purpose of writing out these check examples is to help you learn how each section should be filled. By familiarizing yourself with these, you’ll have less chance of forgetting what goes where. If you have comments or any opinion that you wish to share with us please do so, you can go to our Contact page and send us a message via email.

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